Strategy, Innovation, Creativity, Teams,

Models, etc.

Definition of strategic elements (mission, vision, values, objectives)

The definition of the strategic elements of the organizations demands an exercise of reflection and creativity on the part of their members.

With Lego®Serious Play ®and the definition of elements based on metaphorical models, complete definitions may be found that capture all the knowledge and creativity of the participants. In addition, since the definitions are physically represented, they can be tested, evaluated and enriched with iterative contributions.

Analysis of impacts on organizations

With Lego®Serious Play ® you can create models of organizations and the internal and external agents that may have influence on them.

Because they are physical models, real impacts can be identified and reflect about the effects.

Workshops of ideation and creativity

Lego®Serious Play ® enhances the capacity to think and to stimulate the creativity and expression of the participants’ knowledge as it deals with metaphorical concepts and makes the brain and hands work at the same time. Sometimes, hidden knowledge may even appear from the subconscious.

Dynamics of teambuilding

With the construction of metaphorical models with Lego®Serious Play ® that stand for the members of a team, the objectives and values ​​of this team and the testing of this “member-team system” and how they would respond to influences (both internal and external), very satisfactory results are achieved regarding the self-knowledge, self-confidence and building of those teams and their members.

Innovation projects

A process of innovation demands the follow-up of a specific procedure that combines creativity and knowledge on the subject to innovate upon. With Lego® Serious Play ®, we combine these two aspects with the metaphorical reflection of concepts and their physical construction.

Reflection on professional identities (current versus aspirational)

Lego®Serious Play ® allows participants to build models of their own personalities, both present and aspirational.

Since all work is developed from the metaphor point of view and by physically constructing the concepts, all of the knowledge the participants have about their personality emerges, both the conscious and the subconscious.

Elaboration of Canvas (Business Model Generation)

The development of a Canvas requires a deep reflection to achieve the definition of the different elements that make it up. With Lego®Serious Play ®these elements are physically built incorporating knowledge and debate among the different participants so that definitions are as complete as possible.

Evaluation of training and projects kick-offs

Lego®Serious Play ® is a good tool to evaluate the level of understanding of training actions on products, campaigns, project presentations and objectives, and even academic programs of all kinds.

The metaphorical and physical representation of the competences, contents, etc. learned includes everything that participants have assimilated in the mentioned trainings or presentations.